Keep Your Technology Safe … Stay Two Steps Ahead with SurgeGate™ Surge Protection from ITW Linx

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Why Surge Protection?

An unexpected electrical power surge can be costly. Not only can expensive technology be damaged or destroyed, downtime can damage brand reputation.

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Why SurgeGate?

Most quality surge protection devices will provide protection up to 3840 joules with key industry certifications and competitive warranties. SurgeGate from ITW Linx goes two steps further.

Step 1: Quality That Lasts

While traditional breakers can protect equipment from electrical surges up to 3840 joules, the performance they offer degrades with time. When a standard breaker is exposed to 3840 joules, it gets stressed and performance degrades. The patented technology in the SurgeGate protector ensures a seamless extra level of protection thanks to its built in “Fail Safe Technology”. In all surge case conditions, even above the current standard 3840 joules, the fail safe mechanism kicks in to disconnect the line from the equipment it is protecting, ensuring the protected technology remains unharmed and the device is not degraded.

Step 2: Indication for Peace of Mind

Standard protection devices provide no indication when their performance has degraded. SurgeGate technology not only provides durable performance, it also lets the user know if performance capability has been compromised in any way by disconnecting the equipment from the surge in a safe mode.

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Surge Protectors

Proper grounding is also a primary key against surge hazards. If a system is not properly grounded, it won’t function as designed. In addition to its indicator for system degradation, SurgeGate also provides indication of ground fault, which provides an additional fail safe for a more robust installation.

When ITW Linx AC protectors are used with SurgeGate modules for data and voice applications, all lines to your valuable equipment are safe from costly surges and automatically grounded via a single, common ground connection. All ITW Linx computer surge protectors, including SurgeGate, have the auto re-set circuitry feature which allows the protectors to automatically re-set after duration of surge conditions.

The Bottom Line

SurgeGate technology stays two steps ahead of any other technology available in the market today. SurgeGate, by ITW Linx, has become the standard of excellence for companies seeking the very best in surge protection.

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