ML Series Replacement Protector Modules



Category 5e Replacement Circuit Cards for CC-CAT5-75 75V Clamping Level, CC-CAT5-LAN 16V Clamping Level, CC-CAT5-235 235V Clamping Level and CC-CAT5-24 24V Clamping Level.
Applications: For Digital Voice Applications used with ML25-CAT5-75 or ML25-CAT5-235.
(*Made in USA of U.S. and imported parts* )



  • Agency Approval UL Primary (497) and Isolated Loop (497B)
  • Grounding Requirements Field installed solid copper wire
    #6 AWG for Primary
    #14 AWG for Isolated Loop
  • Recommended Grounding Impedance <0.5 Ohm
  • Width / Height / Depth / Weight 4.06” / 10” / 2.25” / 1.41 lbs
  • Product Warranty 5 years


  • Signal Perfect Circuitry / Fuseless Yes
  • Clamping Level 16V / 24V / 75V / 235V
  • Response Time 1-5 Nanoseconds
  • Capacitance Metallic & Longitudinal
  • Wires Protected Up to 25-pairs
  • Termination Type 110 Punchdown


  • Signal Perfect Circuitry / Fused Yes
  • Performance Rating Cat 5e
  • Clamping Level 1-5 Nanoseconds
  • Capacitance <20pF
  • Wires Protected Up to 25-pairs
  • Termination Type 110 Punchdown


  • UL Listed for Primary (497) and Isolated Loop (497B) applications
  • Single pair protection Scale the protection to the system size. Protect only the lines requiring protection
  • 100% Solid-state protection provides the fastest response to transient voltages (1-5 nanoseconds) by quickly diverting damaging surges to ground
  • Size - 25 pair Protection that fits the footprint of a 66 Block. Also snap-fits to standard 89D Brackets
  • Streamlined Installation Punchdown the OSP cable on the left side in the integral 110 Connectors. Grounding Hardware (included) clips on to the cable sheath. Punchdown the UTP cable on the right side into the integral 110 connections
  • Protector Card Technology&tm; Individual Protector Cards offer system scalability and serviceability
  • 5 Years Product Warranty This surge protector shall be free of any defects in design, materials, or workmanship, or ITW Linx will repair or replace the defective product