Multiline Panel Surge Protectors

ITW Linx's DataLinx™ multi-line and patch panel surge protectors provide primary and secondary protection designed to meet your needs. UL listed for 497 primary and 497B isolated loops, these single pair protectors scale the protection to the system size and protect only the lines that need to be protected in the event of a surge. The 100% solid state protection ensures the fastest response to transient voltages at 1.5 nanoseconds by quickly diverting damaging surges to the ground. The streamlined installation process offers up to 25 pair protection a on 66 block footprint and includes grounding hardware. Individual protector cards allow for proper system scaling and ease of service. The ITW Linx family comes with a product warranty and a connected equipment warranty of $50,000. Please click on the product images listed below to find more information and specifications for each of our DataLinx™ multi-line surge protectors.