66 Block Protectors

                                                                                                                                           ITW Linx's line of UltraLinx™ 66 block protectors offer optimal primary and secondary, solid state surge protection for the fastest response time at 1.5 nanoseconds, as well as, protection against fires caused by overloads and power crosses. The 66 block dual LED indicator lights show the status of protection and ground, while the streamlined installation process eliminates redundant cross-connects by adding protection directly at the 66 block, and single-pair protection means you only protect the lines that need to be protected. This family of products features both primary and secondary protection at clamping levels from 7.5V to 235V based on your requirements. Please click on any of the product images below to find more information and specifications on each of our UltraLinx™ 66 block surge protectors.