MGB/SGL-1 | Ground Bar & Screw Ground



Multiple Ground Bar and Screw Ground Lug for Use with UltraLinx 66 Block Protectors (UP3’s).
Applications: Off-Premise Extensions, Wireless Access Points, T-1, ISDN, Digital Stations. Provides Single Point Ground for UltraLinx Protection.
(*Made in USA of U.S. and imported parts* )


Ordering Information

  • MGB/SGL-1 Multiple Ground Bar and Screw Ground Lug for use with UltraLinx 66 block protectors (UP3's).


  • An UltraLinx 66 Block Ground Bus Bar is required for use with all UltraLinx Protectors to provide the necessary ground connection from each protected pair to the Single Point Equipment Ground. One MGB is required per installation of 1 to 25 protected pairs. Each bus bar is scored for breaking into smaller pieces for use with less than 25-pairs. A screw ground lug is also provided for connecting a single point ground wire.