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An Emerging Old Technology

Originally published pn March 1, 2018 by ISE (ICT Solutions & Education).

Secondary Protection from ITW Linx

Typical communication equipment installations have a Primary or Building Entrance Protector installed. The Primary Protector is installed to meet the NEC Article 800 Requirements. Although these protectors prevent building damage and human injury, in many instances they have limitations in protecting your sensitive communications equipment.

The Speed of Electricity

How fast does a protector need to clamp to prevent damage to valuable equipment? Read this to find out.

The Nature of Surge Threats to Telecom / Datacom Systems

Use this guide to understand the nature of various threats to your communications system.

Innovation by Design

Surge protection devices are used to prevent human injury, structure fires, and equipment damage. Protection devices prevent costly losses in business due to down time, equipment repair/replacement and building damage. All surge devices are not suited for all applications. Find out why ITW Linx designed surge protection devices can help you.

Wireless Ethernets

Building entrance protection for wireless ethernet, MMDS, LMDS Network Application has seen advancement in recent years in an explosion of technology surrounding data networks and electronic hardware for wireless communications. The protection device must provide fast, reliable surge protection while remaining transparent to network performance. This article addresses these issues.

The Truth About CATEGORY 5/5e/6 Standards

Warning: Many manufacturers will try to pass on their version of a Category 5/5e protection product when they are not meeting the proper standards or the application’s needs. In a campus environment, the NEC requires that you protect any conductive path entering or leaving a building (Article 800). This protector must be agency listed (i.e. UL 497). Often times, this protector will be advertised as Category 5/5e, but there are three key features that are needed for a campus environment—primary (UL 497), solid-state, and certified Category 5/5e. Many manufacturers will provide a Category 5/5e product, but not for the application you are looking for.

SurgeGate Modular Wall Mount

UL listed for Primary (497) and Isolated Loop (497B) applications.