Connected Equipment Protection Warranty FAQ

Connected Equipment Protection Warranty FAQ

FAQ about Connected Equipment Protection Warranty Claims

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Surge protectors are designed and manufactured to protect properly connected and grounded electrical equipment against spikes and surges. Once a surge protector absorbs to its capacity, it will no longer provide surge protection. ITW Linx brand surge protectors provide warranty against product defects. See warranty for details. Surge protectors that have been damaged while protecting your connected equipment are not considered defective and therefore are not covered under warranty.

FAQ-Connected Equipment Warranty Claims

Q: Do I have a Connected Equipment Protection Warranty claim?

A: This can only be determined by the warranty department. The warranty department will inspect the surge protector and review the information you supply, and contact you within 90 days of receipt of the surge protector.

Q: How long does the warranty process take?

A: The average turn around time from receipt of claims package, including the surge protector to decision is 90 days.

Q: What does fair market value mean?

A: It is the price at which working used equipment can be purchased from used equipment sellers when presented to the open market for a reasonable period of time. ITW Linx uses sources such as the Orion Blue Book, reseller and EBAY auction to determine the values, subject to our discretion.

Q: What can I do about personal property damage?

A: Only connected equipment is covered. Personal property damage should be discussed with your insurance carrier.

Q: Do you cover data loss?

A: Data loss is not covered.

Q: Is lightning damage to the ITW Linx surge protector covered?

A: If your surge protector was hit by lightning and you do not have any connected equipment damage, we are not required to replace the surge protector. The surge protector is designed to protect your connected equipment and will sacrifice itself for your equipment if the lightning hit is severe. If you have any connected equipment damage, see below to file a claim.

IMPORTANT: To file a claim under the ITW Linx Connected Equipment Warranty, you must follow these Claim Procedures:

Step 1

Read through the frequently asked questions above, then download and fill out the Connected Equipment Protection Warranty Claim Kit below. Email the completed questionnaire / kit to for qualification. If the claim qualifies, you will be contacted via email or phone with a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number, a Connected Equipment Protection Warranty (CEPW) number and a Shipping Address.


Step 2

After you have been issued the RGA number and CEPW claim number, pack the ITW Linx surge protector and the original signed Connected Equipment Warranty Claim Kit in a secure box so no further damage occurs. Clearly write the RGA# and CEPW# on the outside of the shipping box. No returned product will be accepted without the Return Authorization number. Failure to submit return goods within 30 days of issuance of an ITW Linx Authorized RGA number will result in automatic denial of the claim. Please note that you are responsible for any and all charges related to shipping return goods to ITW Linx.


Step 3

The warranty department will review your Connected Equipment Warranty Claim Kit, including the surge protector.


Step 4

ITW Linx will notify you with the status of your claim. If we determine that you are covered under the Connected Equipment Protection Warranty, and the damage to the equipment was caused by the ITW Linx product covered under this warranty, we will either authorize you to have the equipment repaired, or we will reimburse you for the fair market value of the damaged equipment. The average turnaround time from receipt of complete ITW Linx Connected Equipment Warranty Claim Kit to decision is 90 days.


Click here to download the Connected Equipment Warranty Claims Kit (in PDF format)

For additional comments/questions, email our warranty department at or contact us at 1.800.336.LINX (5469).