Connected Equipment Warranty

Connected Equipment Protection Warranty 

(Valid only in the United States and Canada)

It is the policy of ITW LINX that it will, in its sole discretion, replace, pay to replace at fair market value, or pay to repair, up to the dollar amount specified below, equipment that is damaged by a surge coming from the AC Power or communications lines while connected to a properly installed ITW LINX surge protector (as set forth below). ITW LINX must determine that the surge protector was operating outside of design specifications, relative to its surge protection capability, and therefore failed to protect your connected equipment.

SurgeGate Family: $50,000; RM12-CAT6 Series: $5,000 per module; ML Series: $2,000 per cartridge


  1. PROOF OF PURCHASE REQUIRED: ITW LINX Connected Equipment Protection Warranty extends to the original end user only and is non-transferable. Original purchase receipts must accompany any product return or claim for connected equipment damage.
  2. PROPER INSTALLATION: ITW LINX AC protectors must be directly plugged into a properly grounded 3-wire AC outlet. Extension cords*, non-grounded two prong adapters, or other non-ITW LINX surge products must not be used. Building wiring and other connections to protected equipment must conform to applicable codes (NEC or CEC). No other ground wires or ground connections may be used. All wires (including, e.g., AC power lines, telephone lines, and signal/data lines) leading into the protected equipment must first pass through a single ITW LINX protector designed for the particular application. ITW LINX Secondary modular protectors must be preceded by ITW LINX Primary Protectors. The protector and the equipment to be protected must be indoors in a dry location, and in the same building. ITW LINX installation instructions and diagrams must be followed.
  3. NOTIFICATION: You must file a connected equipment claim with ITW LINX within ten days of the event precipitating a request for product replacement or payment for connected equipment damage. Please refer to the claim procedures at
  4. DETERMINATION OF FAILURE: ITW LINX will evaluate the protector. The ITW LINX protector must be performing outside (>10%) of design specifications relative to its surge protection capability. Opening the enclosure, tampering with, or modifying the unit in any way will be grounds for an automatic denial of your request for payment, with exception of opening the enclosure for installation/removal purpose on the following models:
  • CAT5-LAN  (Discontinued)
  • CAT5-LAN-110/RJ45  (Discontinued)
  • CAT5-75 (Discontinued)
  • CAT5-75-110/RJ45 Discontinued)
  • CAT5-235 (Discontinued)
  • CAT5-235-110/RJ45 (Discontinued)
  • CAT5-POE (Discontinued)
  • CAT5-POE-110/RJ45 (Discontinued)
  • DL1200 (Discontinued)
  • DL1200-T1 (Discontinued)
  • DL1200-T1A (Discontinued)
  • DL1200-POE (Discontinued)
  • CAT6-LAN
  • CAT6-75
  • CAT6-235
  • CAT6-POE  (Discontinued)
  • CAT6-75/PoE-RJ45
  • CAT6-75/PoE 110/RJ45
  • CAT6-235-RJ45
  • CAT6-LAN RJ45
  • CAT6A-75
  • CAT6A-75/POE-RJ45
  • CAT6AS-75/POE-RJ45
  • CAT6-75-MM
  • CAT6-75-OP
  • RM12-CAT6-75/POE
  • RM12-CAT6-LAN
  • RM12-CAT6-235

ITW LINX, after evaluating all information provided, shall, in its sole discretion, determine whether or not your request is eligible for payment. ITW LINX will replace any surge protection products returned in conjunction with the Connected Equipment Protection Warranty claim. All goods returned to ITW LINX will become the property of ITW LINX and will not be returned. ITW LINX will contact you via letter, email or phone explaining the test results and notifying you of the status of your claim.

ITW LINX reserves the right to inspect the damaged connected equipment, parts, or circuit boards. Please note that you are responsible for any and all charges related to shipping the damaged equipment to ITW LINX. ITW LINX also reserves the right to inspect the end user’s facility. Damaged equipment deemed uneconomical to repair must remain available for inspection by ITW LINX until the claim is finalized.

REQUEST PAYMENTS: Once ITW LINX has determined that you are entitled to compensation, ITW LINX will, at its election, pay you the present fair market value of the damaged equipment, or pay for the cost of the repair, or send you replacement equipment.

OTHER INSURANCE/WARRANTIES: This coverage is secondary to any existing manufacturer’s warranty, implied or expressed, or any insurance that may cover the loss and/or service contract in existence at the time of the loss.

EXCLUSIONS: THE ITW LINX CONNECTED EQUIPMENT PROTECTION WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO: Service charges, installation costs, re-installation costs; setup cost; diagnostic charges; periodic checkups; routine maintenance; loss of use of the product; costs or expenses arising out of reprogramming or loss of programming and/or data; shipping charges or fees; service calls; loss or damage occasioned by fire, theft, flood, wind, accident, abuse or misuse, and products subject to manufacturer’s recall or similar event.

Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

GENERAL: If you have any questions regarding the Surge Protection Product Limited Warranty or the Connected Equipment Protection Warranty, please contact the ITW Linx Customer Service Department at 1-800-336-5469. This warranty supersedes all previous warranties. This is the only warranty provided with the protector and any other implied or expressed warranties are non-existent. This warranty may not be modified except in writing, signed by an officer of Illinois Tool Works, Incorporated.

This policy gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province.

Contact ITW Linx customer service at 1.800.336.5469  or email us at regarding the use of an approved extension cord.

The following models do not provide a Connected Equipment Protection Warranty:

  • 66 Block Protectors
  • MAX® 2 Family*
  • Powermax® 8 Family*
  • Surge Protector® 8 Family*
  • UltraLinx® Family*
  • TeleLinx® Family*
  • FPP Family*
  • RacMAX® LIGHT (RML200)*
  • SecureLinx Family*
  • RacMAX® RM2500 (RM2500)*
  • RacMAX® RM2600 (GRM0600)*
  • Surge Protector® 6 Family*
  • DataLinx CAT6 Family*
  • FPPCAT6 Family*
  • LX Protector Family*
  • RacMAX® eRGuard*
  • CT6-PoE-RJ45
  • Power Gate Family

*The indicated products may no longer be sold by ITW LINX. However, ITW LINX will continue to honor claims by initial end-users for purchases made before December 31, 2016.